CHS Writing Center

The purpose of the Crest High School writing center is to provide a place where students can go to receive help at any stage in the writing process. It is open to all students, and services may be accessed directly by appointment. Teachers may also refer students to the center for assistance with any of the elements of writing. The Crest High School Writing Center is open to students across all disciplines, and teachers from all disciplines may make referrals to it.

Basic Services Provided:

  • Assistance with pre-writing
  • Assistance with sentence structure and grammatical/mechanical elements
  • Assistance with paragraph formation and structure (topic/claim, supporting sentences, elaboration, transitions between and within paragraphs, etc.)
  •  Helping students avoid “dead wood” (sentences that sound great, yet say nothing)
  • Essay structure (inductive vs. deductive organization; introductions; conclusions; claim/support)
  • Essay types (argument, description, expository)
  • Choosing appropriate text structure (process analysis; sequence; chronological; comparison/contrast; chronological; problem/solution; cause/effect)
  • Managing and integrating varied elements within a given text structure. For example, a paper may be structured primarily as an argument but require elements of exposition and description for clarity.)
  • Assisting students with analyzing prompts and addressing all required elements both cohesively and thoroughly
  • Assisting students with diction (word choice).
  • Working closely with seniors to help craft college essays
  • Working closely with tenth grade students in preparation for the EOC free response questions
  • Assisting AP Language and Composition students in preparation for the AP exam
  • Assisting CCP Students with assignments from Cleveland Community College
  • Providing support for students doing research, with particular emphasis upon APA and MLA formats
  • Provide support and assistance for students in CTE classes as needed, especially with items such as resumes and job applications
  • Serve as a resource to the Guidance Department, especially for students who are working on college and scholarship applications and college essays
  • Teachers may request the services of the writing center for all or part of a class period in order to assist with classroom writing projects. Services can be provided in classrooms,  in the media center, or wherever the class occurs.

If you are interested in utilizing the writing center, please fill out the forms below.