New Student Orientation

Freshmen and new students to CHS will receive a Chromebook during homeroom on the first day of school.  Parents may use the online link on our homepage to pay the $20 Technology User Fee, or students may bring the fee on the first day of school.


Orientation will be held on Thursday, August 11.  There  will be a morning session at 10 am and an evening session at 6 pm.  


If you have a student who is enrolling at Crest High School, please use one of the links below to fill out the registration application.

Online Student Enrollment (English)
Online Student Enrollment (Spanish)

If you plan to ride a bus in the fall, please fill out the BUS REGISTRATION FORM!


Q. What if I do not know which bus to ride?

A. Please call the school at 704-476-8331 and request to speak with Mrs. Mitchell.  Also, if you plan to ride a bus this year, please fill out the bus form linked above! 

Q. I am new to Crest and have never had a PowerSchool account.  How do I get logged in?

A. You will need to claim your account.  Please see this video.

Q. Am I allowed to use my phone at school?

A. Cellphones are to be silenced and put away when you enter the school building.  They are not allowed in classrooms and hallways. Headphones/earbuds may not be connected to a device in your pocket.  Students may use these devices during lunch ONLY! 

Q. When may I go to my locker?

A. Sorry!  We will not be issuing lockers this year.  However, if you have a medical condition or extenuating circumstances and need a locker, please see Mrs. Hall (school nurse), Mrs. Sanders (Freshman Academy Director), or Ms. Roberts (counselor). 

Q. What are my breakfast and lunch options?

A. School Nutrition’s goal is to provide nutritious meals to fuel learning!  Popular student meal choices will be available daily for breakfast and lunch in the school cafeteria.  Two lunch meal choices are available each day.  Students will choose from a hot or cold option.  Please visit our website for the menu for breakfast and lunch.  A la carte sales will not be available at the start of school. We will begin to offer a la carte items after the first two weeks of school.  Please visit the School Nutrition website or call   704-476-8129 for more information.  Parents will not be allowed to drop off fast food lunch for students

Q. Do we have a dress code?

 A. Yes.  Please make sure that you look over the dress code expectations linked on the front of the school website.  No hats or head coverings (including bandanas) are allowed in the building.  Shoulders of tops should be at least 3 fingertips in width. No holes in jeans above the fingertips.  Stomachs must be completely covered.  Undergarments may not be visible.  Pajamas may not be worn to school. 

Q. What if I get lost on the first day of school?

A. We have plenty of adults on duty during class change to help students find their next class.

Q. When will I receive my schedule?

A. Schedules will be released to students on PowerSchool the first week of August.  A specific date and time will be announced in the news section of the website.  Paper copies will be available at orientation.  However, students are encouraged to use a digital version of the schedule while attending orientation. 

Q. When can I pick up my Chromebook?

A. Chromebooks will be distributed in homeroom on the first day of school. 

Q. How much will I own in fees?

A. There is a $20 Technology User Fee that students are required to pay each school year.  This fee helps to provide the learning management system, devices, and other digital resources that are necessary for the learning process.

Q. What if I can't remember my password for PowerSchool?

A. If you set up security questions when you created your account, you should be able to use the Password Reset option on the login page at  If you have problems using the Password Reset option, any of your teachers will be able to reset your password once you get to school.   If you are new to NC public schools, you will need to claim your account.  A teacher or faculty member will help you with this during your first day at Crest High.