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  At Crest High School, we are invested in educating well-rounded, responsible students. These are the individual employers want to hire, colleges want to admit, and communities want to include. One of the foremost advances in school-wide discipline that helps realize this goal is Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS). The research-based program emphasizes strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate behaviors to create positive school environments and is supported by the NC Department of Public Instruction.

We recognize a need for PBIS so that the quantity and quality of instructional time can be maximized. We also see the value in creating meaningful relationships and engagement in our students’ lives. Both students and faculty will significantly benefit from the successful implement of this new inspiring program.


How does it work? 

Teach appropriate behaviors:

  • Matrix / Signs
  • Videos and Classroom lessons
  • Speakers / Presentations
  • Reward appropriate behaviors:
  • Tickets (instant approval)
  • 4 nine weeks rewards
  • 4 mid-nine weeks rewards
  • Identify inappropriate behaviors:
  • Minor Incident Report (MIR)

Correct inappropriate behaviors:
  • Teacher / Student Conferences
  • Administrative / Parent / Student Conferences
  • Overnight suspensions
  • Chill-out
  • Lunch Detentions
  • In-school suspensions