Junior Marshalls

Junior Marshal is an honor bestowed on the top academic students from the high school junior class.  Junior Marshals attend the Senior Awards Ceremony and Graduation in an honorary and service capacity. Current selection is based primarily on class rank.*  If you are visiting this site because you have been selected, Congratulations! 

Spring, 2013 Info

*1st Meeting will be Friday, April 26th 2013 in room 306 at 3:10
*Robe Pick-Up–Friday, 31st at 11:30 (day of early release).

*Senior Awards, June 6th.  Photos will be taken.
5:20 pm arrive in gown
6:30 Graduates report to Dover Theater, we start lineup procedures.
7pm Event begins.
Junior Marshal parents and guests are welcome, this is NOT a ticketed event.
There is no “secure” place to store belongings.

*Graduation June 8th


1:45 pm Arrive at GWU. Park at apartments.  Be warned–this is not at all close, but this is Crest’s assigned parking area.  Alternatively, you can be dropped off at Porter Arena.

*Three high schools are graduating in the same place, on the same day.  Expect traffic to be congested, parking to be challenging and expect there to be some slight confusion as everyone tries to collaborate.  All of the traffic organization strategies have not been set yet–you may be rerouted or redirected.  Be polite and do the best you can.  Arrive early enough in case you have to walk a long distance.

2:00 pm  You should meet Ms. Padgett at the top platform in front of restrooms, where you met during Awards night. You should be dressed in your robe. Place programs, get assignments. ***Do not be late!

3:00 pm Doors open to parents and guests, marshals should be at assigned stations.

3:45 pm Marshals lineup.

4:00 pm Graduation begins.

On both nights–remember to follow senior dress code beneath your robe!



Who do I contact with questions about Junior Marshals?

Maria Padgett, Junior Marshal advisor mdpadgett@clevelandcountyschools.org

What affects candidate selection?

*Class Rank.  Students cannot control during which semester they are scheduled for AP or honors classes.  Therefore the class rank is pulled from the end of the 10th grade year, which is the last time that all students were on an even footing.

*Any student with behavioral violations, excessive absences, any suspensions or honor code violations will not be invited to become a marshal. 

*Junior Marshals must be able to attend all Junior Marshal events.

If an initial candidate declines or is unable to attend both ceremonies, then the next person in line will be considered and invited.

What does it mean if I am Chief or Co-Chief?

Chief or Co-chiefs serve a special role at both ceremonies and will need to meet with the principal for further instruction. 

What should I wear under my robe?

Marshals are expected to follow the same dress code as seniors.  You should wear “dress clothes” that would not violate the school dress code.  Anything that sticks out below the robe should be simple and dark. You should wear comfortable dress shoes.  Do not wear any shoes that would make distracting noises as you move about (clip-clop).


When graduation is a ticketed event, Junior Marshal guests must have tickets to attend.  In the past, 2 tickets have been allotted to each marshal.  The allotment of graduation tickets to Junior Marshals is determined by the principal each year and is based on allowable occupancy of the graduation facilities, with priority going to guests for graduating students.  Junior Marshal guests do not need tickets to attend the Senior Awards ceremony.  The Senior Awards ceremony is an excellent opportunity for Marshal guests to attend without a ticket.

As a Junior Marshal, what type of things will I do at the ceremonies?

Marshals serve a vital role in helping the ceremonies run smoothly.  You may help put out programs, greet and give programs to guests at the entry doors, help direct people to seating or run other errands for as needed to help graduation run smoothly. 

When graduation ends, you will quickly return to the “prep theater” and assist in seniors in returning their robes so that they may move through the post ceremony process quickly and return to their families to celebrate this great accomplishment.  

Dates and Times

The dates and times change from year to year.  Please check the school calendar and the agenda that was distributed at the initial Junior Marshal meeting.